Internal Appointments Announced


It is always exciting to watch your team members develop their skills and broaden their knowledge within their chosen fields and in turn be recognised for their hard work and service to the Company.

Congratulations to Elyse Kenny, Olivia Page and Yvonne Kanti who have been promoted to Senior Project Planners in our Planning team.

Elyse Kenny

Elyse  has gained knowledge in statutory and strategic planning and project management through her involvement in a variety of local, regional and national projects. In her time at CPSD, Elyse has developed research, analytical and management skills which she constantly applies to a variety of projects while striving to deliver the best outcome for her clients. Elyse has been involved in projects ranging in scale and complexity including the preparation of Development Applications, Clause 4.6 Variations, Section 4.55 Modification Applications and Planning Proposals.

Olivia Page

Olivia is a dynamic and passionate planner with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the NSW planning system. Olivia’s expertise, which are a product of experience working on complex statutory and strategic planning projects, lie in project coordination, preparation of development applications and review of environmental factors, management of the competitive design process, provision of planning approval pathway advice and due diligence. Olivia has been a member of the Planning Institute of Australia’s NSW Young Planners Committee since 2018 and is actively engaged with the young planner community in NSW. In seeking best planning outcomes, Olivia’s clients benefit from her unwavering attention to detail, strong organisational and communication skills and high quality written ability.

Yvonne Kanti

Yvonne is a versatile urban and regional planner with experience in a wide range of statutory and strategic planning projects for both public and private sector clients. Yvonne is involved in projects ranging in scale and complexity, including development applications, planning proposals and urban design projects, planning approval pathway advice and planning investigations. Yvonne’s strengths lie in her multidisciplinary academic qualifications as both a qualified town planner and accomplished senior communication and design consultant. Yvonne delivers high quality planning outcomes for her clients by combining her extensive experience and skills in design and communication and project management, with her experience and broad understanding of the NSW planning system.

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Our Team is Expanding – New Appointments Announced


We are excited be expanding and welcome the following people to the City Plan Team…


James Bray has joined the building regulations consultants in our Gosford team. With over 10 years experience in the construction industry, James will be responsible for carrying out building inspections and assisting with BCA compliance matters and building certification.

Charbel Gabriel will join the building regulations consultants in our Sydney team next month. From his experience working in both local government and private certification, Charbel has a sound understanding of the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia (BCA) and will be responsible for assisting with BCA compliance matters and building certification.


Conor Francis and Zoe Spurway will join the Sydney planning team as Project Planners in the coming weeks. Both Conor and Zoe have a sound understanding of NSW planning and legislation and have previously worked on a variety of developments across all classes of buildings.

The Newcastle team will welcome Belinda Barrie in January. Belinda will join the team as an Associate and with over 12 years experience in the public sector (NSW and Victoria), she brings a wealth of strategic planning knowledge to the team.

Our commitment to developing future industry professionals continues in 2021 with the appointment of William Harris as an Assistant Project Planner. William joins the team to undertake the 12 month student placement requirements of his studies and we look forward to being able to expose him to valuable and practical working knowledge of the industry.

Are you interested in working for City Plan?

Even with the above appointments, our recruitment for talented professionals continues. We still have a number of opportunities available within the team including:

  • Senior Building Regulations Consultants (Gosford and Sydney)
  • Building Regulations Consultants
  • Access Consultants
  • Project Planners (Sydney and Newcastle)

For more information on available roles visit our careers page or contact Kim Bennett on 02 8270 3500 or via


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