In the recently released Smart Cities Down Under report the Urban Studies Lab of the Queensland University of Technology has evaluated 180 LGA’s across Australia on their performance in delivering key Smart Cities outcomes. The full report is located here. Our summary of the finding for NSW found:

* NSW leads the way with 8 of the top 10 LGA’s leading Australia.

* North Sydney took the top spot.

The map below shows the leading LGA’s (green), yellow are councils with some achievements and blue are councils that have potential but need improvement.

As always with any of these types of measures, the Sydney latte line distinguishes the high performers with the rest. No regional centres make it into the top two categories.

We took the raw data and mapped all the NSW LGA’s. Below is a sample of 3 LGA’s that represent each category.

The biggest gap between the Leading and Developing councils is productivity, liveability & wellbeing (top-right side of the pie). Not surprisingly, when you look at this spatially – it’s the LGA’s furthest away from a CBD with access to professional, white collar jobs that have a low score.

Every LGA performs relatively poorly in the sustainability and connectivity measures (left side of the pie). This is consistent across all LGA’s measured in Australia and demonstrates how far we have to go when it comes to using technology to respond to sustainability needs.

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