It’s been 3 years since the NSW Government updated the NSW population projects. Since 2016 there have been significant announcements on new infrastructure and the location of future housing, influencing migration and access to jobs. The latest data published this week models these changes and gives a different outlook for the future population of Sydney. But where is the biggest change?

In the Western City District of Sydney there will be an extra 150,000 people in 2036 when the 2016 projection is compared to the new series. Penrith’s new 2036 population of 350,000 people is 80,000 higher. Blacktown is projected to get 48,000 extra people. Not every LGA had an increase. City of Sydney’s projection for 2036 has been revised down by 35,000. Canterbury-Bankstown has also been revised down by 20,000.

In a city with so much activity it’s no surprise that projections change. What’s critical is that users of this data reflect on changes and make sure their strategic decisions are based on the latest evidence.

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