Project Description

Client: Pittwater City Council
Commissioned: March 2012
Study Area: Pittwater LGA

The project included a review and reassessment of the existing inventory of heritage items and a survey of potential heritage items including built items, moveable items & streetscapes nominated by the Australian Institute of Architects, the National Trish of Australia (NSW) & community members part of the heritage Study Working Group. The Study also reviewed the recommendations on the previous Heritage studies, as well as making new recommendations on the provision of heritage guidelines, planning controls & funding opportunities.


City Plan Heritage has explored the continuous change to build heritage value in Pittwater, in particular with the greater appreciation in the Inter-War housing (1920’s to 1940’s) & the 20th century buildings (modern architecture of the 1950-60’s), from which date many notable Australian architects designed Modernist residential architectures considered important examples of their period, styles & design. A number of Australian Modernist houses have been recommended for heritage listing in accordance with the new Historical Theme on Modernism identified by the NSW Heritage Council. These include residences by Peter Muller, Arthur Baldwinson, Alexander Jolly, Richard LePlastrier, Neville Gruzman, Ian Mckay, Peter Stutchbury, Douglas Snelling, Stanley Symonds, Walter Burley Griffin and Harry Seidler.

Our Involvement

City Plan Heritage was commissioned by Pittwater Council to undertake a community Based Heritage Study Review funded jointly by Pittwater Council and the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.

During the project, Pittwater’s natural beauty and landscape elements have also been assessed for their heritage value by our sub consultant Chris Betteridge of Musecape. Landscape and Streetcape items have been reviewed and updated with necessary background and management recommendations for heritage landscapes. The heritage study has provided a clear understanding of the heritage qualities and streetscape character of the area as well as exploring its aesthetic, historic, scientific, social and natural significance.