Client: Penrith City Council
Cost: Available upon request
Status: Completed (2019)

Preparation of a Study and a Strategy to guide long-term planning for Penrith’s rural lands.

Our Involvement

In 2019, we worked with Penrith City Council to deliver a Local Government Area (LGA) wide Rural Lands and Villages Strategy to develop a coordinated approach to guide future land use, zoning, protection, and development of Penrith’s rural areas.

Our work was two-fold: we prepared a Rural Lands and Villages Study, which we used to develop the final Rural Lands and Villages Strategy. We studied the role and importance of land uses, values, and issues affecting Penrith’s rural lands using a place-based approach and considered how best to plan for these in future.  We collaborated with Envisage Consulting, who prepared a Scenic and Cultural Landscape Study which was also used to inform the Strategy.

We took a collaborative approach to shape the preparation of the Study and Strategy, working closely with Council staff and key stakeholders across State agencies and major landowners, including Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council, to establish the Strategy’s evidence base and cultivate a sense of ownership for the actions it prescribes. This involved designing and facilitating a series of workshops, and supplementing these with individual meetings to progress key issues.

The outcome is a Rural Lands and Villages Strategy, and robust evidence-base, which clearly defines rural areas and values to be protected while recognising new opportunities from the inevitable transition of some existing rural areas to accommodate planned growth and investment in Western Sydney. The Strategy sets out clear strategies, objectives and actions and will inform Council’s ongoing review of planning controls and policy measures affecting rural areas.