Project Description

Heritage Impact Statement
Ongoing Heritage Advice in the Masterplan
Client: Parramatta City Council
Commissioned: 2013

The project aims to re-engage the Parramatta City with its river by:

  1. Developing an integrated version for the riverfront
  2. Providing a coordinated design and activation strategy; and to
  3. Develop feasibility and implementation strategy which fan be put to use over time, by numerous landowners, developers, Council and other interested parties.

The Parramatta City River Design Strategy and Activation Plan is just one of a number of projects where City Plan Heritage is involved within the Parramatta Region. Participation in this project will enable City Plan Heritage to have an influence over the maintenance and communication of heritage values in the richly historic region of Parramatta, whilst at the same times facilitation the development of an active and vibrant precinct. City Plan Heritage wishes to further our involvement in the exploration of the heritage of the Parramatta region.

Our Involvement

Throughout this project, City Plan Heritage has provided advice on the Heritage aspects of the Design Strategy and Activation Plan. This has involved historical research to formulate an understanding of the significant fabric of the Parramatta River and its immediate surrounds, input into the concept design, as well as a Heritage Impact Statement of the concept design and activation strategy on the overall heritage significance of the site.