Project Description

Conservation Architect Services
Client: Various (including United Project Management & Kamirice)
Commissioned: 2011 to Present

Oswald’s Bond & Free Store opened in April 1892. In 1903, a fire at the Hentsch’s Bond Store destroyed the majority of building’s fabric. Portions of the Kent & Windmill St walls were demolished. The Store was rebuilt to the same design by Hickson & Walsh from the Sydney Harbour Trust in substantially the same style & form with the intention to make the building ‘up-to-date’ & essentially fireproof. The structure was reduced to 5 storeys, & its north front was extended along the full length of Windmill Street.
In 1904, under new management by Lewis Oswald & W.T.R. Fowler, the building was renamed the Oswald Bond Store or Oswald’s Bond & Free Store. The last tenancy record entry dates 1st November 1985 with the whole building being rented by Oswald Bonded & Free Stores Pty Ltd

Our Involvement

City Plan Heritage has been engaged over a number of years to provide ongoing heritage consultancy services associated with the conservation works & adaptive reuses of the Former Oswald Bond & Free Store at 1 Kent Street, Millers Point. During this time, a range of services have been provided including the development of a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the site, various Heritage Impact Statements (HIS) for several tenancy fit-outs, an Interpretation Strategy, Archival Recording, and conservation architect/ built heritage specialist services. Our ongoing commitment to maintaining the heritage of the site has enabled the continued use of the building, exposure of significant elements & retention of the building’s significant fabric. Furthermore, the research & in-depth knowledge of the site has enabled City Plan Heritage to appreciate the value of warehouse buildings to the early development of Sydney.

Photo credit

The original photo of the Hentsch’s Bond Store courtesy of Kamirice Pty Ltd