Project Description

Revitalisation Project
Client: Iris Capital
Value: Undisclosed

In January 2017, City Plan Heritage (CPH) was engaged by Iris Capital to prepare a range of conservation management documents for the Newcastle East End project located along Hunter, Perkins, King & Newcomen Streets, Newcastle. Our team is assisting and advising a design team of three renown architectural firms, SJB Architects, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects & Durbach Block Jaggers Architects in achieving the best urban design & heritage outcome for the precinct.


The Newcastle East End site, as part of the commercial hub of Newcastle city centre, is characterised by range of historic buildings of various periods & styles as well as a town plan dating from 1823. The existing building stock along Hunter & Perkins Streets intersection is dominated by 1900-1910s buildings, while the Hunter & Newcomen Streets intersection is dominated by 1920s buildings. King Street building stock largely date from the 1960s. The principle aim of the development is to maintain & enhance the area’s distinctive identity, special qualities & sense of place as an historic & commercial hub of Newcastle city centre, through the development of a mixed-use development comprising retail, commercial, public spaces & residential apartments.

Our Involvement

City Plan Heritage is currently working within a multi-disciplinary team to guide the development of a Master Plan for the precinct, including the development of a Conservation Management Plan for the whole study area, Heritage Impact Statements, Schedule of Conservation Works and ongoing provision of Heritage Design Advice. The development site occupies a large portion of the commercial precinct & has a high potential to change its character therefore City Plan Heritage, at the beginning of the project, prepared a set of heritage design parameters/ principles to minimise impact & ensure the new infill buildings fit comfortably & in some cases positively contribute & enhance this important established historic character.