Project Description

Health Care
Client: Healthe Care Australia Pty Ltd
Value: $785 Million
Completion: 2015

Maitland private hospital was upgraded with HPM and HSCP providing professional services. The design of the mental health component encompassed quiet zones that were situated in the transition zones between each of the bedroom wings. A common area was intended for the residents to be able to ‘observe’ the activities surrounding them yet still remain in their comfort zones. Separation of the building into numerous smaller components shaped a prospect to introduce substantial amounts of natural light in the gaps and also opportunities for cross ventilation into all areas of the facility.

The existing Medical Centre is complimented by the new building by offering five additional doctor consulting rooms and an on-site pathology laboratory. The development will allow patients to appreciate the convenience of access to a full suite of onsite services including doctor consultation, pathology and radiology (MRI, CT scan, xray or ultrasound). Further developments to car parking facilities will deliver additional space for patients and their visitors.


The redevelopment of the Maitland Private Hospital included a new operating theatre, upgrades to existing rooms, alterations and additions, twenty-five (25) new consultant suites, twenty-five 25 new bed wards and a new carpark.

Our Involvement

City Plan Services has been able to provide BCA consulting & certification services for the new theatre room. upgrades, alterations and additions, new consultant suites, new bed wards the carpark. We also provided an alternate solution report and a fire safety audit report for the redevelopment.