Project Description

Client: Macquarie University, Coffey Projects and Watpac
Value: $77 Million
Completion: December 2012

The Australian Hearing Hub will be a unique, world-class facility purpose-designed to facilitate collaborative research into hearing and related speech & language disorders. It will bring together the University’s internationally leading research teams (Language Sciences & Cognitive Sciences), clinical research/professional training teams (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology & a major government research organisation, Australian Hearing with the National Acoustic Laboratories, research & implantation teams from Australia’s leading hearing technology company, and major not-for-profit organisations offering clinical & related social services for hearing disorders, like The Shephard Centre. The Hearing Hub will provide additional teaching and learning scope for students in Hearing, Audiology & language sciences. Together with the Cochlear Global Headquarters, the Australian Hearing Hub will help to make Macquarie University a true global leader for hearing and related disorders. The hearing Hub will enable ground breaking advances in mapping brain/hearing function, understanding auditory processing, assessing auditory system disorders, developing hearing aid and implant technologies and improving strategies for rehabilitation and learning to hear.


The Hearing Hub at Macquarie University will include construction of a nine storey building containing an office, laboratories, teaching spaces, ground floor cade, auditorium, hearing Anechoic Chamber and basement car parking.

Our Involvement

City Plan Services was engaged to provide BCA Consulting and Certification services for the world leading centre in the sciences of hearing, speech and the brain.