Health – State Significant Development
Client(s): NSW Health Infrastructure, Aurora Projects and CBRE & John Holland Group
Cost: Stage 3A: $58 Million, Stage 3B: $175 Million, Stage 3C: $32 Million
Status: Stage 3A: Approved 2014, Stage 3B: Approved 2015 (Current modification 2018), Stage 3C: Approved 2018

Stages 3A, 3B and 3C of the redevelopment at Lismore Base Hospital (LBH) were each declared to be “Stage Significant Developments” due to their status as “health services infrastructure” and capital investment value of over $30 million for each stage.  Stage 3A has been approved and constructed.  Stage 3B has been approved and is currently being modified.  Part of Stage 3B has been constructed, including the tower above Stage 3A and the first stage of the approved multi-deck carpark.  Stage 3C was approved in 2018.


A summary of each stage is provided below:

  1. Stage 3A involved the construction of a new five (5) storey hospital building in the south-eastern corner of the site including a new Emergency Department, landscaping, signage, public domain works and refurbishment within existing hospital buildings.
  2. Stage 3B involves a five (5) storey vertical extension above Stage 3A and a five (5) storey addition to the north of Stage 3A including a new loading dock (and partial closure of Little Uralba Street).  Stage 3B also involves the construction of a part six, part seven level carpark opposite LBH on Uralba Street and subdivision of that site.  This application has been modified on a number of occasions as a result of detailed design and changes to façade materiality.
  1. Stage 3C involves a four (4) storey vertical extension above the Stage 3B north tower.

The Stage 3 redevelopment programme will significantly improve capacity, clinical care and service provision at LBH to ensure contemporary models of care are implemented, a skilled and sustainable workforce is attracted/retained and the health needs of the growing and ageing population in the region are met.  The programme also results in significant employment generation during construction and operation of each stage.

Our Involvement

Our planning team (CPSD) has prepared three (3) Stage Significant DAs and various modification applications for Stages 3A, 3B and 3C of the redevelopment programme at LBH on behalf of NSW Health Infrastructure.

We continue to provide Health Infrastructure with strategic planning advice in relation to redevelopment options at Lismore Base Hospital.