Project Description

Heritage Study for City of Sydney
Client:  City of Sydney
Study Area: City of Sydney LGA
Commenced: July 2013

Sydney LGA has the largest concentration of industrial and warehouse buildings as being of heritage value of all local councils in NSW. This large asset is mostly located in the inner-city along the previous wharves, well connected to the water and railway networks, where it developed mostly throughout the nineteenth century. Large concentrations of industrial sites also lie in South Sydney, well linked to the aircraft connections and shipping movements of Botany Bay Harbour, and these were built mostly in a later period up until the 1980s.


The warehouse buildings of Sydney and its Suburbs have been pivotal for the growth of Industry and economic prosperity in Sydney. However, industrial buildings continue to come under pressure for redevelopment. This study will ensure that Sydney industrial and warehouse development is protected, conserved and appropriately managed across the Sydney Local Government Area (LGA) and will inform future planning decisions for the redevelopment of different sites.

The objective of this study is to produce a concise overview of historic industrial development of the whole of the Council LGA, research and identify potential heritage items located within the study area and review inventory forms for a number of existing heritage items.

Our Involvement

City Plan Heritage has been commissioned by City of Sydney Council to undertake a Warehouse and Industrial Buildings Heritage Study.

The project includes a review and reassessment of the existing inventory of heritage items and a survey of potential heritage items including industrial and warehouse buildings and sites nominated in consultation with stakeholder groups including City of Sydney Council, the Australian Institute of Architects, Engineering Australia and the National Trust of Australia (NSW).

Throughout this study, City Plan Heritage has developed a greater appreciation of the built Industrial landscape of Sydney and its suburbs and gained an understanding of the development of Industry in the CBD and the Sydney suburbs dating from the early Federation to Post War periods of development.