Project Description

Heritage Advice
Client: City of Sydney
Architect: Hassle Design Team
Completion: 2010

City Plan Heritage in consultation with the Hassell design team undertook revitalisation studies for Foley Street, Darlinghurst and Earl Place, Kings Cross under the City East Laneways Revitalisation Project.


The City of Sydney Council proposed to reclaim and revitalise these East Sydney Laneways by creating a traffic-calmed and pedestrian friendly environment. Strategies in general included changes to the pavement alignments and finished street furniture including lighting, planting, and signage as appropriate.

Our Involvement

City Plan Heritage was asked to provide advice and input on the heritage aspects of the Laneways in order to ensure their identified or assessed significance, as well as architectural elements of the buildings facing the Laneways are protected and appropriately treated. Our preliminary heritage study of these laneways informed the interpretation, design, archaeological potential and conservation matters relevant to the study areas.

City Plan Heritage provided Impact Assessment to accompany required Development Applications, which included recommendations to assist the Council in its assessment of the proposed revitalization projects and associated conditions of consent.