Bulky Goods & Leisure Precinct, Gledswood Hills
Mixed Use (Staged Development Application)
Client: Gregory Hills Corporate Park
Cost: $86 Million
Status: Approved (2017)

The bulky goods and leisure precinct is a new mixed used development on a 61,600 sqm site within the Gregory Hills Corporate Park which will feature a diverse range of employment opportunities and will generate approximately 684 jobs upon completion.


The proposal comprised bulky good premises, business premises, food and drink premises, two (2) hotels and a leisure centre. Specifically, consent was sought for:

  • A concept plan for the entire site (including the riparian zone) with building envelopes, land uses and indicative layouts;
  • Stage 1 which will comprise the bulky goods buildings, food and drink premises, leisure centre, cinema and associated parking and landscaping; and
  • Subdivision of the site into six (6) allotments.
Our Involvement

City Plan prepared a staged Development Application under Section 83B (former) of the EP&A Act for a mixed- use development. We worked closely with Camden Council and other relevant referral bodies throughout the assessment of the DA with a view toward receiving timely approval of the proposal.

Subsequently we also prepared various Section 4.55 modification applications to modify the approved staged development. These modifications related to variations to the approved subdivision layout and built form to respond to market feedback.