Project Description


Client: Gardener Road P/L
Status: Approved 2014

City Plan Strategy & Development (CPS&D) has been involved in advising on numerous projects throughout the City of Botany Bay, providing conveniently located housing stock within one of Sydney’s historic commercial & industrial hubs.


This project amassed to over $20,000,000, requiring continued interface with various consent authorities (Botany Bay Council and the Joint Regional Planning Panel).


The proposed development would require the demolition of an existing commercial warehouse structure & the construction of an eight storey mixed use building comprising two commercial premises at ground level & eighty-four residential units located above. The development would also include:

  •  The relocation of the vehicular access points along Gardeners Road;
  •  Two levels of carparking; one level of basement carparking & one located at ground level. A total of 151 carparking spaces provided for residential, visitor & commercial uses & three delivery/service bays;
  •  Various facilities and services (including gym, lap pool, deep soil areas, & toilets) located on the ground floor;
  •  Consolidation of four (4) existing allotments into one allotment.
  •  Strata subdivision of the development
Our Involvement

In June 2013 CPS&D were engaged to compile a Development Application (DA) for the construction of a mixed use development providing strategic planning advice throughout each phase of the projects approval. CPSD collected various consulting reports to formulate a Statement of Environmental Effects that addressed the planning constraints, statutory considerations and environmental impacts of the proposed development.
The project received approval from the Joint Regional Planning Panel – Sydney East in April 2014.