Mixed Use
Client: Coles Group  Property Ltd
Cost: $58 Million
Status: Completed (2019)

Demolition of the existing Coles Supermarket and construction of a new 6-storey shop top housing development within the Lindfield Local Centre will improve local shopping amenity and provide additional housing close to the public transport hub.


In summary, the proposal includes:

  • Demolition of the existing supermarket
  • Adaptive reuse of the site’s existing heritage item for office and retail space
  • Construction of shop top housing containing an expanded supermarket, two specialty stores, 70 apartments and car parking over 6 storeys
  • Internal fit-out and external signage for the supermarket and liquor store
  • Relocation of the existing Balfour Lane to the western extent of the site
  • Subdivision of land
Our Involvement

City Plan was responsible for the preparation of the Statement of Environmental Effects in addition to project managing the consultant team and the DA process. This application was approved by the Land and Environment Court, with City Plan providing expert town planning services through the section 34 conference process.