Project Description


Heritage Impact Statement
Heritage Advice
Photographic Archival Recording
Heritage Interpretation Plan
Client:  Sydney Ports Corporation
Study Area: White Bay
Commissioned: 2010 and 2013

White Bay has been used as dockyards since the late 1800’s & was an integral part of the industrialisation of this area. In 1967 wharves 4, 5, & 6 were constructed along with large cargo sheds to convey to the revolutionary containerised shipping, making this a significant site for Australian maritime trade.


The project involved heritage assessments and provision of heritage impact statements for the existing facilities & structures, & provision of advice for the location of a new purpose built structure on the site. City Plan Heritage (CPH) worked with the architects in order to ensure the proposal will create an aesthetically pleasant terminal building & facilities while maintaining its historical association & ensuring the former use of the site is clearly discernible.

In 2012, CPH provided heritage advice to Sydney Ports Corporation in relation to the White Bay 5 Cruise Passenger Terminal. Advice was in relation to the presence of former rail tracks & sleepers that were not suitable for salvaging or reuse. The approved development was for a dedicated cruise passenger terminal that replaced Barangaroo.

 Our Involvement

In 2010 City Plan Heritage were appointed by Sydney Ports Corporation to provide the heritage components for the proposal to redevelop the existing wharves, Nos. 4 & 5 of the White Bay Port Precinct in Sydney for use as a Cruise Passenger Terminal. CPH have late been contracted to undertake photographic archival recording of the site as a whole- prior to the demolition & commencement of the construction works & for the development of a Heritage Interpretation Plan that would inform passenger, staff and users of the terminal on the history & significance of the site.