The theme for PIA’s 2019 NSW State Conference this year is Fostering Resilience – The promise of a brighter and better future, where PIA will be exploring the role of planners in building resilient communities.

PIA is elated to host their 2019 NSW Conference in Parramatta. It’s an exciting time for Paramatta, with much attention being steered in its way as it works on becoming Sydney’s central city. A prime location, being Australia’s second oldest city, it is rich in history and is a major business and commercial hub. It is well documented that Greater Parramatta will experience significant growth and transformation over the next 20 years.

This conference is about challenging the planning profession about who we are, what is our purpose and what our role is in building resilient cities, regions, places and communities. Our cities and regions are experiencing a range of stresses such as lack of affordable housing, transport congestion, declining social cohesion, disconnected decision making and governance structures, and infrastructure that’s not keeping up with growing and changing population needs.

PIA’s 2019 State Conference promises to deliver thought-provoking and inspiring sessions as well as showcasing the different melting pot of cultures represented in Greater Western Sydney.

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