We are excited to welcome 3 amazing women into our expanding Queensland team over the next couple of weeks. Please let me introduce you to:

Alison Brown,                  Senior Building Regulations

Alison re-joins the City Plan team this week. With over 30 years experience within local government and private certification in both Queensland and New South Wales, and the United Kingdom, Alison offers extensive expertise across a diverse range of building certification, fire safety and compliance matters across all classes of buildings.

Aroha (AJ) Bates,            Senior Building Regulations

With over 15 years of building certification experience, Aroha is an accredited building surveyor with extensive experience in both commercial and residential certification. Aroha has a broad understanding of the associated building legislations in both Queensland and NSW, National Construction Codes and Australian Standards.

Rhiannon Morgan-Williams Senior Building Regulations 

With over 8 years of building certification experience, Rhiannon will provide technical support, details regarding QLD legislation and assist with the management of day-to-day activities of the project. Rhiannon takes a fresh and dynamic approach ensuring compliance is achieved and individual needs are met. This guarantees clear, honest and time responsive communication is delivered to clients and stakeholders. Rhiannon’s experience extends to both commercial and residential developments, including an understanding of numerous standards, disability and access and town planning.

Alison, Aroha and Rhiannon will join George and the Queensland team, providing certification services and building regulatory advice to south east Queensland and northern NSW.