As of the 01 January 2021, it is mandatory for ALL Applications (Construction Certificate (CC), Complying Development Certificate (CDC) & Occupation Certificate (OC)) to be lodged on-line via the NSW ePlanning Portal.

This means that City Plan can now only receive applications for CCs, CDCs and OCs for the majority of NSW Council areas via the portal. We are unable to receive new applications via email, Aconex or other formats moving forward and applications made in any other format will be required to be resubmitted via the portal.

The Portal can be found here Before submitting a Certificate application, Clients will need to set up an account using the “My Account” button. Then, a new application can be created using the menu on the left hand side.

Things to note when submitting your application

  • The Portal places CDCs in the same category as Development Applications as they are technically also development consents. CC’s, the form appointing the Principal Certifier, and OC’s are termed “post-consent certificates”. All these applications are accessed via the menu in the portal.
  • The details of the application are entered using the online interface, and the various other documents required to be lodged are to be uploaded via the portal using a drag and drop function.
  • We will be notified that the application has been submitted and allocate the application to the relevant staff member for assessment. Any amended plans or additional information will also be required to be lodged via the portal.
  • The nominated certifier must be City Plan Services Pty Ltd or City Plan Gosford Pty Ltd. Please do not nominate our individual Certifiers.
  • Any applications received before 1st January 2021 do not need to be put onto the portal. However, any new applications, including those relating to existing projects, will need to be lodged using the new system.

We are anticipating the mandatory use of the portal for lodgement of the forms and documents will require a higher level of formal process for both our clients and staff. This may need to be considered in turn-around times for applications. However, we are committed to ensuring the new process will not fundamentally change the service our clients are accustomed to.

For further information on how to register, FAQ & Quick Reference Guides can be found via the following links:

  1. Registering for the NSW Planning Portal
  2. Submitting an application for a Construction Certificate
  3. Submitting an application for a Complying Development Certificate
  4. Submitting an application for an Occupation Certificate
  5. Planning Portal Application Process

Alternatively, you can always contact our building team on 02 8270 3500 for assistance.