City Plan has extended its range of services to include independent mediation and conciliation.

Tina Christy is a highly skilled mediator, accredited with the Australian Mediation Association (AMA). Over many years Tina has established considerable skills in the ability to act as a mediator to assist two or more participants to manage, settle or resolve disputes or to form a future plan of action through a process of mediation, or conciliation in respect of Planning and Property issues.

The role of a Mediator/Conciliator is to remain independent to the issues at hand, and guide the parties through issues with the aim of reaching a mutually beneficial outcome. Tina’s extensive planning knowledge allow her the ability to quickly grasp the issues at hand. In this respect she is able to:

  • Identify, clarify and seek understanding of each party’s underlying needs,
  • Consider alternatives,
  • Generate and evaluate options,
  • Negotiate options, and
  • Reach and make a decision(s).

The advantage of this service is that it relieves existing stretched staff resources and has the ability to reduce costs. No longer will you need to outsource the running of a s34 conference or appeal hearing if prior agreements of both parties can be achieved. The savings to budget in staff and dollars can be significant. Tina’s services can be used at any time during the Development Application or Planning Proposal assessment period, with the aim of parties discussing and resolving issues. Once an application is within the Land & Environment Court System, our services can be invaluable to get the parties talking, with the view to agree to an outcome prior to full hearing.

Should you wish to discuss this service further, or obtain a fee quotation, please do not hesitate to contact Tina Christy on