The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is “Choose to Challenge.”

Urban Taskforce Australia held their annual event to celebrate the day and acknowledge women’s contribution to our industry with a lunch to challenge our thinking.

With the theme “A Stronger Industry – new ways to flourish”, the event’s speakers were Sue Francis, Melanie Kurzydlo and Nicki Hutley. All are leading women in development who’ve made considerable contributions to the growth and evolution of our industry. They shared their experiences and ideas for growing the industry while backing our number one resource – our people.

Sue Francis

Sue is one of NSW’s most well-known and respected planners who smashed the glass ceiling decades ago and intimately understands the planning system from both the developer and decision maker perspective.

Melanie Kurzydlo

Melanie is a renowned business strategist with a creative flair, and leading advocate for the benefits of an inclusive workplace culture

Nicki Hutley

Nicki is a popular television personality and highly regarded economist with a keen intellect and persuasive communication style.