New appointment


We are excited to announce the appointment of Jeremy Nicholson to our Sydney building team this week.

Jeremy has over 15 years experience in the building industry and is a Registered Building Inspector with the Department of Fair Trading.

Welcome to the team Jeremy!

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Welcome Back Carole-Lynne


We are excited to advise that Carole-Lynne Kerrigan has re-joined Kerime Danis and our Heritage team in her role as Associate Director.

Carole-Lynne has extensive experience working within a multi-disciplinary environment on a wide range of cultural heritage projects within Australia & internationally including: residential, commercial, educational, ecclesiastical & state funded initiatives. Her experience includes providing & employing best practice conservation techniques & methodologies while working alongside project teams to ensure all heritage deliverables are compliant with set guidelines.

Carole-Lynne can be contacted on

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New Appointment to our Gold Coast Team


We are excited to introduce a new appointment to our Gold Coast team.

With over 35 years’ experience at senior levels in both Local Government & the private sector, Dean Napier is a building regulations consultant who offers extensive experience & expertise in building regulations, certification & compliance matters across all classes of building developments. Based in our Gold Coast office Dean is well positioned to service any project in south east Queensland and the Northern Rivers area of NSW and he is familiar with the legislative requirements for both Queensland and New South Wales.

Dean can be reached on or 0426 060 355.


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City Plan Heritage Wins National Trust Award


Congratulations to Kerime Danis and our Heritage team on their recent success at the National Trust Awards for 2023.
City Plan in conjunction with Judy Watson, Hetti Perkins and the City of Sydney were awarded the top honours for Aboriginal Heritage for the bara Monument for the Eora. Judges recognised the project’s ‘prominent and powerful message through a stunning piece of art.
In addition, City Plan in conjunction with Iris Capital received a Highly Commended award for their work on the adaptive re-use of the former David Jones building within the Newcastle East End development.

City Plan Heritage Wins National Trust Award2023-05-25T17:25:41+10:00

Kerime Danis appointed National Committee Officer for the International ICOMOS Advisory Committee


Congratulations Kerime Danis on her recent appointment as the National Committee Officer for the International ICOMOS Advisory Committee.

The function of the Advisory Committee is to advise the ICOMOS Board and to make suggestions and recommendations on the priorities and directions of the program. With Kerime’s previous involvement in various ICOMOS committees, and her service as President for Australia ICOMOS there is no doubt she will be a valuable member within this global panel of experts and we wish her well for the year ahead.


Kerime Danis appointed National Committee Officer for the International ICOMOS Advisory Committee2023-04-14T08:58:39+10:00

Internal Appointment Announced


It is always exciting to watch your team members develop their skills, broaden their knowledge within their chosen fields, and in turn be recognised for their hard work and service to the Company. Congratulations to Tariq Sheikh who has been promoted to Senior Building Regulations Consultant.

Tariq is an integral member of our Sydney office, and his promotion recognises we value the hard work and skills he brings to the team. We would like to thank Tariq for his efforts to date, and look forward to continuing our work together and being a part of his ongoing success.


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Congratulations to Asmita Bhasin


Congratulations to Asmita Bhasin who has successfully graduated from the Masters of Urbanism (Heritage Conservation) from the University of Sydney.
Asmita’s dedication to completing this time consuming masters whilst working full time is to be commended and we are excited to share in her celebrations this week.

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Thinking of building a new home?


City Plan has been providing Building Certification services in the residential sector for over 25 years.

We have long term business relationships with many large volume home builders and provide Building Certification services for individual property owners for developments such as dwellings, additions, and ancillary developments such as swimming pools and sheds.

Our Building Certifiers have extensive experience and expertise in this sector that ensures that developments are completed to meet required standards. While our Certifiers guarantee that legislative requirements are met, we operate pragmatically and professionally to achieve expected outcomes for our customers.

For more information on how we can tailor our residential certification services to suit your needs, contact Scott Rathgen on 4322 7035 or


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Changes to the EP&A Regulations Now in Effect


The early months of 2022 have seen many changes to the Environmental Planning & Assessment (EP&A) Regulations which affect all classes of building works for both building approvals (Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates) and Occupation Certificates. The changes include the introduction of a new regulation for development certification and fire safety, changes in terminology, and updates to the EP&A Regulation to create a 2021 version.

As of 01 January 2022, any application for a Construction Certificate or Occupation Certificate will need to comply with the requirements of the new Environmental Planning & Assessment (Development Certification & Fire Safety) Regulation 2021. A link to the related legislation can be found here:


In addition, as of 01 March 2022, any application for a Complying Development Certificate will need to comply with the requirements of the new Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2021.

Guidance documents summarising key changes can be found below:

If you have any questions about how these changes may affect your development, please let us know. Our team can be contacted on 02 8270 3500.

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Registered Building Surveyor Approval Granted


We are happy to announce that Alison Brown has been granted approval by the Department of Fair Trading as a Registered Building Surveyor (unrestricted).

With over 30 years experience within local government and private certification, Alison now holds unrestricted registration in both Queensland and New South Wales, and offers extensive expertise across a diverse range of building certification, fire safety and compliance matters across all classes of buildings.

Alison can be contacted on or 02 8270 3500

Registered Building Surveyor Approval Granted2022-03-09T08:40:12+11:00
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