Lawson Clinic

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Project Description

Client: The Lawson Clinic
Cost: $7.5 Million
Status: Approved

CPSD was responsible for preparation of a DA for the construction of an inpatient unit to be associated with the existing Lawson Clinic, which currently provides outpatient services for the treatment of depressive and mood disorders at 748 Pacific Highway, Gordon. The proposed development will provide an urgent community need and essential mental health infrastructure not currently provided by either the private or public sectors in Ku-ring-gai.

The development will enable the clinic to provide highly specialised teaching and supervision to young psychiatrists / students attached to local public mental health units such as Hornsby Hospital & Royal North Shore, who will have access to world class clinicians and training not currently available in NSW.


Construction of a 4 storey hospital with 64 beds including:

  • Demolition of two existing single storey dwellings;
  • Basement car parking;
  • Retention of the existing Lawson Clinic premises at No. 748 Pacific Highway and associated access and parking;
  • Upgrading of two existing vehicular access points to the site from the Pacific Highway;
  • Removal of trees from the site;
  • Associated landscaping works;
  • Identification signage for the driveway at No. 746 Pacific Highway; and
  • The consolidation of three lots (Lots 1 & 2 DP 851223 and Lot C DP 337904) into a single lot with the realignment of the boundary of Lot A DP 350224 to result in 2 lots of 1,280.3sqaure metres and 3,438.7square metres respectively.
Our Involvement

CPSD was involved in the preparation of SEE for the DA. This included the management of the planning approvals process from the initial strategic advice phase through to environmental assessment and post lodgement liaison with Ku-ring-gai Council.

CPSD was also involved in representing the client at the Sydney West JRPP meeting where the Council’s recommendation for refusal was successfully overturned. A number of s96 modifications were prepared by CPSD & submitted to Council subsequent to this DA.