City of Canterbury DCP

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Project Description

Client: Canterbury City Council

City Plan Strategy and Development was commissioned by Canterbury City Council to prepare a consolidated Development Control Plan (DCP) for the City.  Whilst not requiring a major review of existing development policy, the project involved the consolidation of over 35 separate operational DCPs across the whole spectrum of development types and locality and issue specific plans.

The new DCP required consistency with Council’s new Local Environmental Plan and internal consistency across the previously disparate policy areas, both in form and content.

Our Involvement

City Plan liaised closely with Council’s strategic and statutory planning staff and other professionals involved in development assessment, including working ‘in-house’ at times. The outcome was a DCP which is much simpler and easier to read and navigate for all those required to use it, Council staff, Councillors, developers and the general community.  City Plan also produced DCP “checklists” to assist development assessment officers in preparing development reports.